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Almost everyone I know owns at least one Apple product, and why not? After all, it is one of the most advanced technology companies on the planet, it has been constantly marveling all of us with outstanding innovative products and services such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, MacBook, etc, for more than 30 years.

Almost everyone I know also has an Apple ID, having an Apple ID is similar to having a Google account, because it allows you to access all of Apple’s services such as the iTunes Store, iCloud, iMessage, and the Mac App Store using the same account name and password.

Signing in with your ID will allow you to identify yourself and manage your account, plus you’ll also be able to access many more features and services that use Apple ID such as Apple Online Store, Apple TV, FaceTime, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, Game Center, iBooks Store, iChat, iTunes Genius, iTunes Radio, iTunes U, Apple Support Communities, Apple Jobs, My Apple ID, Apple Developer program, and more.

Apple ID Login – Step by Step Tutorial

1. Go to My Apple ID sign in page located at the following url:

2. Enter your username or ID in the first field of the access form located on the center right side of your screen.

apple id login step 1

3. Enter your Apple user password in the second field box.

apple id login step 2

4. Now simply click on the blue “Sign In” button at the bottom right corner of the access form and that’s it, you have finally logged in without any problems at all!

apple id login step 3

Apple ID Sign Up

Before being able to log in you must first create an account, don’t worry it’s free, and it’s also very quick, so if you haven’t created one yet go to the site’s sign up page at and fill out the registration form located on the right side of your screen. Simply enter your first name, middle name, last name, email address, and password, then select three security questions and enter their respective answers so that you can verify your identity if you ever forget your password. After selecting your security questions scroll down a bit and enter your date of birth, then enter your “Rescue Email Address” which is an alternate email address that you can use in order to recover or reset your account information if any security issues ever arise. Now enter your mailing address, select your preferred language, choose your email preferences, type the characters that you see in the image that’s located at the bottom of the page to prove that you are not a robot, check the box in order to agree to the terms of service and Apple Customer privacy policy, and click the blue button located at the bottom right corner of the registration form that says “Create Apple ID”.

Apple ID and Password Reset Instructions

If you forget your username or your password go back to the site’s sign in page following the steps that I previously described, now depending on your specific problem you will have to click on the “Forgot Your Apple ID?” link to recover your account name, or click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link instead which is located right beneath the “password” text field to reset your password,

apple id and password recovery

then enter the required information, click “Next”, and then follow the provided instructions to get your Apple ID login information as soon as possible. After resetting your password or recovering your username you will be able to access your account once again normally, however, if you continue having problems, come back to this same page, leave us a message, and we’ll try to help you out as soon as we read it.




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