Login is one of the most popular bitcoin mining pools in the world today, it is better known or more commonly referred to as Slush’s Pool, people call it like that because “Slush” is the name of the guy who created this particular mine. Slush created the pool because he actually wants to help people out, he knows that mining bitcoins is getting harder everyday and he already has all the necessary tools and information, so what he’s doing is basically allowing common people out there like you and me to help him out, and in return everyone’s happy, because everyone makes a profit. has become very popular among cryptocurrency miners around the world thanks to its main key features which are operator trust (probably the most important), stratum protocol support, and a score based reward system which allows fair earnings distribution among pool members.[1]

To create a account go to, fill out the entire registration form located in the middle of the page, check the box at the bottom in order to agree with the terms of service of the site, and then click on “Register Now!”. Login – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Go to the site’s sign in page located at the following url:

2. Enter your username in the first field of the access form located on the upper right side of your screen. sign in page step 1

3. Enter your user password in the second field box. sign in page step 2

4. Enter the captcha code in the third field box of the access form in order to prove that you are not a robot setting up accounts automatically. sign in page step 3

5. Now simply click the “login” button at the bottom and that’s it, you are in! sign in page step 4 Password and Username Recovery Instructions

If you forget your password or username go back to the site’s user access page following the steps that I previously described, click the “Forgot Username/Password?” link located right beneath the “login” button of which I talked about earlier, username password recovery

enter your email address, and click on “Reset my password”.



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