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IMVU is an online social entertainment website that allows members to use 3D avatars in order to meet new people, chat, create, and play games. According to several informational sources this service already has over 100 million registered users, and it gets 10 million unique hits each month as well.

If you want to start using the services provided at you will first have to create an account, don’t worry signing up is easy and it’s also free. I know that most of you are looking for information on how to login, so the majority of visitors that land on this page already have an account, however, if you do not have one yet, go to the site’s home page, click “choose your free avatar” and follow instructions, or use the link below to find the access page, once you are there click “sign up” and complete the registration form.

Once you have registered come back to this page to learn how to access your account. If you do not know how to sign in or if you are having problems follow the steps below.

IMVU Login – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Go to IMVU’s sign in page located at the following url:

2. Now choose your login method, you can do it by using the information of one of your social network accounts such as Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, Twitter, Google, MySpace, Orkut, or you can do it the old school way. If you want to login using the information of one of your social network accounts simply click the icon that represents the social network that you are currently using, accept the app and that’s it.

imvu sign in with facebook google

If you want to sign in the old school way, then enter your avatar name or email address in the first field of the login form located on the left side of your screen.

imvu sign in step 1

3. Now enter your IMVU password in the second field.

imvu sign in step 2

4. The final step is to simply click the yellow “Login” button located at the bottom and that’s it, you are in!

imvu sign in step 3


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