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Listia is a really interesting website of which I found out just two days ago, I mean, I had never heard about that site before, and honestly I was a bit surpised to learn about, and also very excited about trying it out myself. You may be asking yourself, What’s so special about Well, it’s simple, the site is like eBay, but everything is free. Yes, you heard it right, it is an online marketplace and auctions site that allows registered members to trade goods between each other, but instead of using real money, they use credits which are the site’s virtual currency. People use the site basically to sell stuff that they don’t use or need, when people bid on your products and win your auction listings you earn credits, and then you can use those hard earned credits to buy whatever you want from other members, or from the Listia Rewards Store. The best thing about the site is that you will get 1000 free credits just for signing up, you will also get an additional 500 credits for listing your first item, and you will earn even more credits if you invite your friends to join. In other words, you can start buying really cool stuff that you actually like just for creating an account.

Listia Login – Account Access Tutorial

1. Go to Listia’s sign in page located at the following url:

2. Enter your username in the first field of the access form located on the left side of your screen.

listia login step 1

3. Enter your member password in the second field box.

listia login step 2

4. Now simply click on the big blue button at the bottom that says “Login” and that’s it, you are in!

listia login step 3

Listia Sign In With Facebook

If you already have an FB account, then you should use your Facebook login information to access the site an easier and also faster way. Simply go to Listia’s log in page using the above link, click on the “Connect With Facebook” button located on the right side of your screen, click the “OK” button in bottom right corner of the pop up window that will show up as soon as you click on the blue Facebook button that I just mentioned, accept the app and the terms of service (TOS) of the site, and you’re done!

Listia Sign Up

Go to and fill out the registration form located in the center left side of your screen. Simply enter your username, enter your email address, type your password, and click “Sign Up”.

Listia Password Reset Instructions

Forgot your password? No problem, simply go to, enter your account email or login, and click “Submit”.

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