MyFitnessPal is a website that offers free tools to help people lose weight in a healthy and more efficient way, after joining the site you will be able to use their famous free calorie counter, get diet tips and information, and you will also get your own exercise journal to keep track of everything you do as well as of your progress. As expressed on their official website “you’ll get the tools you need to successfully take weight off – and keep it off”. The site basically helps you keep track of everything you eat and of how much you exercise, the more you track everything you do the better it gets, because their system actually learns from you, according to the owners of the site, remembers what you’ve eaten and done most often in the past, so it helps you to easily find and add those foods again to your daily meals in order to get better results.
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The best thing about this service, or at least what I like the most about this website is that it gives you access to everything they’ve got for free, after signing up you will be able to track what you eat no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection and/or a mobile device that’s powered by Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc), BlackBerry, or Windows you can log your meals and exercise, get information and support on diets such as Atkins, the South Beach Diet, the Zone, and more.[1]

My Fitness Pal Sign Up

To start using this service you will first have to create an account, if you don’t have one yet go to the site’s sign up page at, fill out the registration form, click the green button at the bottom that says “Continue” and then follow the provided instructions to get started right away. After creating your account come back to this page to learn how to access the site, so if you don’t know how to do it, or if you are having problems just follow the steps below.

MyFitnessPal Login – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Go to the site’s home page located at the following url:

2. Click the “Log In” link located on the upper right corner of your screen.

myfitnesspal sign in step 1

3. Enter your username in the first field of the access form that will show up in the pop-up window.

myfitnesspal sign in step 2

4. Enter your user password in the second field box.

myfitnesspal sign in step 3

5. Click the “Log In” button located at the bottom right corner of the pop-up window and that’s it, you are in!

myfitnesspal sign in step 4

MyFitnessPal Login With Facebook

To login with your Facebook profile information simply go back to the site’s homepage, click the blue button located on the right side of your screen that says “Log in with Facebook”,

myfitnesspal sign in with facebook

accept the app and the terms of service (TOS) of the site, and you are done!

MyFitnessPal Password and Username Recovery Instructions

If you forget your password or username go back to the site’s user access page, click the “Forgot Password or Username?” link located right beneath the “log in” button,

myfitnesspal username password recovery

enter your email address or username on the next page, click the green button at the bottom of the page that says “Submit” and then follow the provided instructions to get your access details. After resetting your password or recovering your username you will be able to access the site again as always, however, if you continue to have problems come back to this page, leave us a message and we’ll try to help you as soon as we read it.

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