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Paychex is a company that provides online solutions that help companies and individuals run their businesses in an easier and more efficient way. The company focuses on helping small to mid-sized businesses manage the entire life cycle of an employee in the most appropriate way possible. Even though Paychex focuses on providing payroll and payroll tax services, they also offer HR services, 401(k) plans, insurance, mobile apps, and an online accounting software that allows simple accounting for both businesses and accountants who want to become more efficient by performing more tasks, more accurately, more quickly. provides solutions for employers, employees, and accountants, and some of their most popular products and services include their famous General Ledger Service, Online Payroll, Online Reports, Time and Labor Online, Paychex Preview, Accounting Online, Check Stubs, HR Online Check Stubs, HR W-2s, it also allows employers to easily manage employee access, plus a lot more.

Paychex Online Login – Account Access Tutorial

1. Go to the site’s sign in page located at the following url: and then select the service or product that you want to access. Or, you could instead go directly to the site’s online access page at

2. Once you’re on the user access page enter your user name in the first field of the access form located at the top center of the page.

paychex login online step 1

3. Now enter your Paychex user password in the second field box.

paychex login online step 2

4. Then select an image that you’ll be able to easily remember in order to get an extra layer of security that will keep your account protected at all times and that’s it, you’re in! The log-in will be automatically completed as soon as you click on an image. also provides an online single sign-on portal where users can access all their products in an easier and faster way, if you’re interested in using that option go to, enter your username and click “next”, then enter your password, click the blue button on the right side that says “next”, and that’s it.

Paychex Username and Password Reset Instructions

If you forget your password or your username go to Depending on your specific problem select “I Forgot My Username” or “I Forgot My Password” by checking one of the two boxes located at the bottom left side of the credentials recovery page, then enter your email address, then type the letters in the box (a step which is also known as the “security verifier”), and then click on the blue button located at the bottom right corner that says “Continue”.

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