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Samsung Account Login Information

In this page you will learn how to sign in to your Samsung account online, we will also share with you other useful information about this company and its online services such as how to create an account (Sign Up Instructions), how to reset your password and recover your email (username), how to log out, and more.

Samsung is a South Korean multinational company which is known for creating some of the best technology products available on the market today, the company has become widely popular worldwide for manufacturing quality TVs at affordable prices, smartphones, tablets, phablets, laptops and desktop computers, and other electronic devices. Through its Electronics division, the company has been able to become one of the gobal leaders in high-tech and digital media.

However, for more than 70 years, the Samsung Group has been trying to make a better world “through diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscraper and plant construction, petrochemicals, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels, and more.”[1]

Samsung offers several services such as Samsung Apps, Samsung Music, Samsung Video, Samsung Books, ChatON, Family Story, Samsung Link, Find My Mobile, Media Hub, Samsung Hub, Samsung Wallet, Samsung WatchON, and Smart Appliance, and you can access and manage all of them with just one account.[2]

To start using Samsung’s online services you will first have to register, so if you don’t have an account yet go to the site’s sign up page at, fill out the form (enter your email address, password, full name, date of birth, type security code, and select contact preference), click “Continue” and then follow the provided instructions to get started right away.

After signing up come back to this page to learn how to access the site, if you don’t know how to do it, or if you are having problems just follow the steps below.

Samsung Account Login – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Go to the site’s sign in page located at the following url:

2. Enter your e-mail address in the first field of the access form located on the right side of your screen.

samsung account sign in step 1

3. Enter your user password in the second field box.

samsung account sign in step 2

4. Now simply click the blue “Sign In” button at the bottom of the access form and that’s it, you are in!

samsung account sign in step 3

Samsung Account E-mail and Password Recovery Instructions

If you forget your password or username go back to the site’s user access page, click the “Forgot your E-mail or Password” link located right beneath the sign in button,

samsung account password recovery

now depending on your problem select one of the two available options on the next page, which are “Find E-mail” and “Find Password”, enter the required information, click “Confirm” and then follow the provided instructions to get the information that you need. After resetting your password or recovering your e-mail (username) you will be able to access your account again as usual, however, if you continue to have problems come back to this page, leave us a message and we’ll try to help you as soon as we read it.

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