Snapchat was still in its infancy when I started this website, most people didn’t even know what it was, or what it was used for, they just had no clue whatsoever, but that lack of information was soon replaced with excess of information about the app that automatically destroyed its photo and video messages before anyone could see them. Funny how things quickly changed, the app soon exploded in popularity and it became a “must download” app for every Android and iOS user in the world. I have to admit that I’m not the biggest Snapchat fan on the planet, I have used it though, and I still have it installed on my Android phone, but to tell you the truth it doesn’t thrill me, because I never send out messages that need to be destroyed within a certain time frame. However, I’m well aware of the fact that a lot of people do have a need for such services, that’s why we are putting up this guide, just so you can learn how to sign in to your app account through a series of simple steps that anyone can follow. We will also share with you other useful information that you might need about this mobile application and its services such as how to download and install it, how to create an account (sign up instructions), how to reset or recover your password, sign out steps, and more.

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Snapchat is a free photo and video messaging application which is currently available only for Android and iOS powered devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app allows users to take photos and shoot videos, but what makes it really cool, interesting and so different to other similar apps and mobile services is that you can add text and drawings to your pictures, then you can send your newly edited photos to your list of friends, and they will be automatically destroyed and erased from Snapchat’s servers after they expire. Even though I don’t use it that much, the app does have really neat features that are definitely worth mentioning, apart from being able to take “Snaps” and create stories, you can now also chat with other users, save information that you need, share live videos, and chat face to face.

Snapchat Sign Up

To start using Snapchat you will first have to download and then install the app on your mobile device. If you haven’t downloaded it yet go to Google Play to get it for Android, or visit the Apple App Store to get it for iOS (iPhone and iPad).

After successfully downloading and installing the app on your device, tap the Snapchat icon on your phone or table’s home screen, tap the blue “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the app’s home page, enter your email address in the first field of the registration form that will be displayed in the center of your phone’s screen, enter a password for your new Snapchat account, enter your birth date, and then click the green “Sign Up” button that will instantly show up at the bottom once you’re done filling out the registration form.

Snapchat Login – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Tap Snapchat’s shortcut icon on phone’s home screen to launch/open the app on your device.

2. Now tap the big red “LOG IN” button located at the bottom of your phone’s screen.

3. Enter your email address or username in the first field of the access form that you’ll see in the center of your screen.

snapchat sign in step 1

4. Enter your user password in the second field box.

snapchat sign in step 2

5. Tap on the green colored button at the bottom of the access form that says “Log In” and that’s it, you have now successfully logged in!

snapchat sign in step 3

Snapchat Password Recovery Instructions

If you forget your password simply take out your phone or tablet, unblock it, then tap the Snapchat icon on your phone’s home screen to open up the app, tap the green “login” button that I mentioned earlier, now tap on the “Forgot Your Password?” link located right beneath the “password” text field or go directly to the site’s password reset page at instead. Once you are on the password reset page enter your email address, click the green “Submit” button at the bottom of the page, then go to your email inbox and click on the reset password link that will be automatically sent to you in order to create a new password.

Snapchat Login Online

There are several sites and webclients that allow you to access and use your Snapchat account online. If you’re interested you might want to take a look at and, which are the two most popular options at the moment.




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