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Twoo is a dating website, as well as a social networking service that allows users to meet new people in a fun and interactive way. After creating an account and logging in to the site you will be able to play games online, chat with friends, visit the profile pages of other members, and easily create new friendships with real people. is currently one of the world’s biggest free dating sites, however, if you want to take advantage of all the features and tools that the site offers you will have to upgrade to a Twoo Unlimited account.

To start using this service you will have to create an account, if you don’t have one yet go to the site’s home page and complete the registration form located to the right side of your screen, you will have to provide basic information about yourself such as your email address, name, gender, location, etc. You can also sign up with Facebook, simply click the blue button located at the top of the registration form that says “Sign Up With Facebook”, then you will have to accept the app and that’s it.

If you already have an account, but you don’t know how to login or if you are having problems follow the steps below to learn how it’s done.

Twoo Login – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Go to the site’s sign in page located at the following url:

2. Enter your e-mail address in the first field of the access form that’s located to the right side of your screen.

twoo sign in step 1

3. Enter your user password in the second field.

twoo sign in step 2

4. Click the green button that reads “Sign In” and that’s it, you are in!

twoo sign in step 3

You can also login with Facebook, accessing the site with your FB user information is probably the easiest and fastest way to access your account. To sign in with Facebook simply click the blue button located on top of the access form that says “Sign In With Facebook”,

twoo sign in with facebook

then accept the app, and you’re done.




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    want to meet new friends as well as dating.

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