Zagat is a restaurant review website which was founded by Tim and Nina Zagat in 1979, Zagat also rates hotels, nightlife, zoos, shopping, music, movies, airlines, theaters and more. Local guides created by Zagat are sold as books and they can also be accessed for free via its website.

In 2011 Google bought the company for $151 million, since then Zagat reviews, ratings and other services became free to use.
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After its purchase Google modified and improved the site greatly, and made it free and accessible to everyone, they also released free mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices which allow users to access the site’s content on the go.

In the past you had to login to in order to access reviews, ratings, and guides, now users can access all the content and services without even having to sign up.

If you want to find the top eating and drinking spots near your location, then Zagat is definitely a site that you have and want to check out because it will allow you to make better decisions based on your own personal tastes and community recommendations.

Zagat scores restaurants, hotels and other palces on a scale of one to 30, but it also uses a five star rating system for locations which is assigned based on user reviews in Google+.

Zagat Login does not require users to sign in or sign up, you can access all the content of the site and use all its services by simply going to:


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