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Yahoo! Mail is a free webmail service that provides unlimited storage offered by Yahoo! There used to be three versions available of this service, they were: Yahoo! Mail Classic. Then a new Ajax interface was released later on, which had drag-and-drop features, keyboard shortcuts, and more. And then they released a beta version of Yahoo! Mail in 2010, which is now basically the standard or out of the box version. The beta version had at that time an improved design, better performance, and even Facebook integration. Yahoo! Messenger was also integrated with Y! Mail making it an even better service for communication purposes.

Key Features:

- Yahoo! Calendar integration
- Yahoo! Messenger integration
- Windows Live Messenger integration
- SMS Messaging in certain countries
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Unlimited storage
- Improved search facilities
- Applications

To start using this service you will first have to create an account, if you don’t have on yet click here to learn how to get create a Yahoo! account for free. After sign up come back to this page to learn how to access your webmail account, if you do not know how to do it or if you are having problems follow the steps below.

Yahoo! Mail Sign In – Step by Step Tutorial

1. Go to the site’s webmail login page located at the following url:

2. When you get to the sign in page you will have two options to access your account, you can login using your Facebook or Google information, or you can use your Yahoo! ID instead.

To login with Facebook or Google simply click the Sign In With “Google” button, or the “Facebook” button,

yahoo mail login facebook google

accept the app, and you are done!

If you prefer to log in using your Yahoo! ID instead, then enter your Y! ID in the first field of the access form located to the right side of your screen.

yahoo mail login step 1

3. Enter your password in the second field.

yahoo mail login step 2

4. Click “Sign In” and that’s it, you are in!

yahoo mail login step 3

Signing in to your Yahoo! Mail account is easy and it doesn’t take long either, if you use login with Google or Facebook you’ll probably speed up things even a little bit more. I like to access my account using the “Social Networks” option, it’s easier.

I’m sure that after reading the information on this page you will never have problems accessing your account, this tutorial is quite simple and straightforward, I’m sure anyone can understand it, and anyone will be able to follow each step without issues. However, if you do have problems come back to this page, leave us a message and we’ll contact you as soon as we read it to try to help you out.

If this information was useful for you, then please show us support by sharing this page with your family and friends through your favorite social networks, we’ll thank you for it. Don’t forget to keep coming back for more awesome information on how to access the best sites on the web. Have fun!


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  2. Why can I not sign in to my account i’ve had for years?

    • Hi Ray, maybe you forgot your password or your username, or maybe someone else changed your password, in that case you should definitely contact Yahoo support.

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